Jesus via John Smallman: It Is Your Nature to Roam the Divine Cosmos Freely.


Jesus via John Smallman: It Is Your Nature to Roam the Divine Cosmos Freely.

Jesus postingJesus: It Is Your Nature to Roam the Divine Cosmos Freely. Channelled by John Smallman, July 22, 2014.

Within the illusion time expands and contracts, it is unreal and unreliable, and yet as you experience it, it appears to move in a regular and linear fashion from the past, with all its memories, momentarily and continuously through the present, and into the uncertainty of a future that you try to forecast and pin down . . . and then something quite unexpected occurs!

And that is one extremely good reason for living in the now! If you make a point of living in this now moment and dealing with events, situations, issues, and problems as they occur, relying on your intuition – the wisdom of your real Self – all will flow far more smoothly for you.

Trying to second guess what may happen tomorrow, next week, or next year intensifies the levels of stress that you experience through living in the darkness of the illusion – darkness because the Light of God’s Love is hidden from you by the cloak or fog of the illusion.

To see clearly you have to leave the illusion and all its concepts and logic far behind you. All the inspiring insights that the great minds among you have discovered over the eons have have been revealed to them when they were not anchored by the limits that the illusion imposes upon you, but when they were as it were roaming free through the cosmos of their unlimited minds, ignoring all the preconceptions and cultural beliefs that may have suggested that what they were seeking was an impossible dream, unreal, a myth.

It is your nature to roam the Divine Cosmos freely, unfettered by logical human thought that invents rules based on inadequate understanding which then severely limits your creative abilities. Rules restrain and limit you unnaturally.

They are, however, very convenient aspects of the illusion where separation seems substantial and tangible, and they provide a framework that ensures, for instance, that people driving motor vehicles do not, on the whole, collide with each other because they are all following the same rules in a rather crowded environment. That aspect of rules is very useful as you struggle with the stresses and anxieties of daily living because it provides guidelines that enable you to be reasonably certain that your personal safety is assured.

What has happened over the eons is that many of the rules and regulations have become an inflexible and unquestioned overlay to all that you do, rather like an open prison, severely restricting your creative abilities in the form of imaginary blockages to progress – it is a bit like being in a room with many doors or exits, all but one of which are wide open, and you can only see the one that is closed and think that you are therefore unable to leave. In the last few decades there has been enormous growth in the numbers questioning all the rules, and this is very healthy.

God created you FREE! You chose to restrict yourselves by building the illusion and enclosing yourselves within it, and finally you are questioning it on a massive scale and coming to a collective realization that it is an asylum for the insane!

It was insane to build the illusion. It was a totally unrealistic and impossible attempt to separate yourselves from God because He is All that exists, and therefore separation from Him is impossible. He created you in Love and gave you everything that He had – infinite Love, infinite Wisdom, infinite Knowledge, infinite Power, and endless creative abilities and opportunities – and you chose to leave them all behind and enclose yourselves in a state of unreality where you eschewed those gifts to engage in the competitive destruction of one another, endlessly throughout the eons.

It matters not what you achieve through your constant and determined human efforts – wealth, position, recognition, power – because all of these are ephemeral, they do not and cannot last, and the very limited satisfaction that they provide fades rapidly. Your true Home is with God, you know that, and nothing else can ever satisfy your intense need to be One once more with Him.

It has taken a long time for you to come to that realization and make the collective choice and decision to engage once again with Love so that the illusion can dissolve back into the nothingness from which you imagined it into existence. Every moment you spend within, in your quiet inner sanctuary, intending to be loving, compassionate, and accepting, accelerates the rate at which the illusion is crumbling.

All the spiritual channels, all those in the spiritual realms keep stressing the vital importance of attending to your personal spiritual practices daily because that is how you awaken. It expresses an overriding intent to awaken, to know and experience the Reality and the Oneness that is your real and eternal nature. It is what everyone who ever engaged with the illusion has sought and is seeking.

Deep within every sentient being is the knowing that you are One with God, the Source from which all that exists flows in endless Love. By choosing to give credence to the illusion, you have hidden that knowing from yourselves and it is that apparent loss that is so painful for you. Nothing can be satisfactorily substituted for that all-encompassing sense of acceptance that Oneness and the Love that is Its nature provides, nothing!

And there is only Oneness, there is no beyond or outside, no past or future, there is just now at One with Source. When you awaken, as you will, the joy and wonder that replaces all your doubts, anxieties, and fears will enfold you in a state of unimaginable ecstatic bliss. Go within daily, hourly if you can, and bring it to fruition, because that is what you are here to do.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Hilarion via Marlene Swetlishoff: The Time For Secrets is Over


Hilarion via Marlene Swetlishoff: The Time For Secrets is Over









Hilarion: The Time For Secrets is Over, channeled by Marlene Swetishoff, July 13-20, 2014,

Beloved Ones,

The way forward is to go within as much as possible during the next few weeks. There is a lot of activity taking place on the energetic levels, on both the surface of the Earth, within the Earth, and on the higher etheric levels.

It is a time of great changes and this is becoming more evident with each passing day. Staying centered and aligned to your higher truth will help you move through this period with greater ease and grace.

It is also very helpful to connect with the natural world around you by spending more time outdoors, as this helps to keep you grounded and connected with the Earth energies. Immersing yourselves in water frequently can be very soothing, cleansing, and healing to your well being.

By keeping your exposure to the daily news at a minimum, you will fare well. There is much that is being kept hidden during these times, but that cannot last for too much longer.

Those who have held power behind the scenes in every country of the world will not be able to keep their secret activities from being exposed to the world at large. The new energy influxes demand transparency in all interactions between all parties on the global scene and also amongst all people in general. The time for secrets is over.

Every cell in every inhabitant upon the Earth is being transmuted, purified, and transformed. There is soon to come a time when any darkness or shadow will be clearly seen within each person’s auric field, and this revelation will assist everyone to walk in their light and live in truth and integrity.

The veils between the worlds are fast dissolving, and those at the forefront who have blazed a trail through contact with the higher dimensions will now find it much easier to bring through greater knowledge and wisdom to be shared with all who are searching for answers.

Forgive yourselves, Dear Ones, for being human, for you are creating a new and magnificent form that will far exceed previous ones on many levels. It is your very humanness that is most appreciated by the legions of higher dimensional beings who observe the growth and expansion taking place within you.

Each of you is viewed as a true and courageous pioneer on a new and wondrous frontier as you learn to use your abilities and align these to the greater good of all, even though you must go through the same experiences as the rest of humanity. It has not been an easy path for any of you in this lifetime, but keep in mind that this is THE lifetime where you emerge victorious in the light of your true magnificence!

It is the soul qualities that you express and that you earn through the school of life on a physical planet that makes you such a powerful and unique being throughout the cosmos. These experiences are what are taken into the higher dimensions of life in the universe.

The things of the lower dimensions must be transmuted into a higher light in order to stay with you. This is why there has been so much that needed to be released and let go. This process is still in effect and will continue to be in operation until every vestige of lower vibrational imprint is purified within every person’s body and energy field. The more of humanity who can bring in their full light body presence, the quicker the acceleration into ascension can take place.

These times call for transmutation through the use of the violet fire decree, and this powerful spiritual tool is available to all. Daily use is very helpful, not only for personal use, but also for transmuting the energies that surround the Earth at this time. Use this mighty alchemical process with a light heart and the feeling of joy within your hearts. The light at the end of the tunnel draws near.

Until next week…

I AM Hilarion

©2014 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace. Permission is given to share this message as long as the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed, or altered in any way and Scribe’s credit, copyright and websites are included., Thank you for including the above website link when posting this message.

Use St. Germaine’s Torch on Everything from Homelessness to War


Use St. Germaine’s Torch on Everything from Homelessness to War

St. G







Recently during a reading with Linda Dillon, channel for the Council of Love, I asked how to use St. Germaine’s Violet Flame torch practically on my daily walks. This is what Archangel Michael said:

“There is no one particular correct way. Let us start there and certainly St. Germaine will help you but when you are walking along, see that you are carrying the Torch of Freedom, the purple flame torch in either your left or right hand, it matters not, but so that you can be comfortable and not get tired. No, you don’t need to hold it shoulder high or above your head but in your mind’s eye you are doing this – or actually!

“When you come upon a situation – for example, you come upon a homeless person – take your torch, with your hand, with your eyes, with the action of your arm – you torch – you violet flame – not only that person but all homelessness, all lack, all poverty, all hunger, all lack of shelter. So you use the individual but work in the larger context as well.”

I asked if I could use this technique with anything and everything I see that’s discordant and Archangel Michael said, “Exactly. What the identifier is is this pain or ‘Does this look like love?’ Well, I would suggest that anyone sleeping in a gutter or struggling to walk does not look like love.”

I asked if this is the work we can do before abundance flows and he said:

“That is correct — and after! Because do not think simply because money becomes available, that there isn’t that transition also of getting it to people in ethical, clean, clear ways and also changing the attitude. The person sleeping in the gutter has to know that they are worthy of changing their pattern. They need to know that they are worthy of a clean home, of a clean bed, their own space because they have lost that sense of worth.

“Now, what is going on with the Mother’s energy? It is increasing, and more and more when you are looking at them,  they are thinking, ‘How come I don’t have my own place?’ There will be work to be done.”

In the larger context, there’s much work to be done from the state of unworthiness associated with homelessness to conflict and war. These grids are not of love. On one of my travels around the Internet, I found a website that states there are 61 areas of conflict (1) upon Gaia. Below is a map (2) from the site illustrating exactly where there are outbreaks.

St. Germaine’s Torch and Archangel Michael’s Blue Flame of Peace can be used to help eradicate all discord so as I gaze at this map I will be torching these areas. I welcome you to join me in the within and in the without.

Wars in the World




Archangel Michael on Ascension – Part 2/10


Archangel Michael on Ascension – Part 2/10

Michael 23







We continue with our composite interview, this time with Archangel Michael about Ascension.

What is Ascension?

Steve Beckow: Archangel Michael, what is Ascension?

Archangel Michael: Ascension is the elevation of your being into an entirely different, higher, expanded realm of heart consciousness. And with that, the attendant abilities to create, co-create and bring forth Nova Earth. (1)

It is about not being stuck in your body, but having the integration of all parts of your being, and having it anchored in your body in such outrageous, miraculous joy that you want to be in body; that it isn’t a struggle or an obligation, or even a responsibility, it is simply joy.  (2)

It is not just about dimensional shift. It is about the unfoldment of our glorious Mother, of the Divine Plan upon the planet, of this magnificent Gaia and the impact it has, which we have not spoken much about, but the impact it has throughout the multiverse. (3)

It is not like a big bang. It is more like a whisper of the heart, the coming of the dawn. It is a shift in where you live, in where you have placed yourself within the domain that is available to the humans and to this reality that is occupied at this moment by Gaia. (4)

S: So on one side of Ascension we’re in 3D or 4D, and on the other side we’re in 5D?

AAM: Or higher. (5)

But yes, the shift is into the fifth, and will continue – no, probably not in your lifetime – through to the seventh. There are some of you who will want to stay within the realms of the seventh in terms of the realm of pure love, of Christ consciousness, of oneness. There are some of you who love to be in the realm of magic [i.e., the Fourth Dimension].

It matters not. You will have access, but your new home, your new dimension, your new reality will be in the fifth. That is where Gaia is anchored. And we would suggest to you that, by and large, she is already there. (6)

S: What does Ascension feel like?

AAM: It is a feeling of complete and utter surrender and bliss. It is a sensation — physical, mental, emotional, spiritual — of union. So there is a moment where you feel, oh, I have died. Because that is the sense of such release and reconnection.

But of course you are not dying. Quite the contrary. Now, in much of your history or literature — and I do include sacred books in that — ascension is also related to a keeping of some kind of physicality and form. Now, some will choose not to do that, and that is fine. But that is a choice.

But let us talk about you. Let us use you as an example. Because you have done your very deep work, and your heart is committed to this path for many, many years. There will be that sense of blissful connection that you have experienced a couple of times, but it will be even more so.

The sense will be that you are flying upward. It is a physical sensation of movement. And a remembering, or a sensation of remembering, that you have wings, or the ability to fly.

So that is the feeling of ascending up the sacred spiral. 

There will be a — also in that period, which can be moments or a few hours of feeling disassociated, that even if you were to open your eyes, that you were to look at a floor and you would see that it is simply made of particles, subatomic particles, quantum particles, that it is not solid. So you have begun immediately to have the real sensation or vision of how things can be seen, and how they are seen, maybe, from this side.

So there is a sense of unreality. Now, if you wish to make things solid, you will just simply say that you want that, and it will appear. But the knowing that that is simply a construct that you are creating already is there in full consciousness. When you decide to open your eyes, how you see the colors, the textures, the richness, the air, you will see very differently. What you think of as your senses will be heightened, oh, at least a thousand-fold. So, there is a little adjustment. And we are with you, and we obviously take care of that, because this is completely a joyous situation to be in. Think of it as being spiritually orgasmic. It is the union of all.

Then, you will settle into this knowing, and of course that choice of physicality. But also know that if you choose to keep physicality, immediately what you have noted as, what we would call human aches and pains are gone. But the biggest shift is you no longer live or exist — you can visit, you can exhibit, but you do not live — within the third dimension, where you are in that movement of what you think of as going up the sacred spiral.

That is the best analogy I can give you. It is the elevator to the fifth. And further, for some who choose. And there will be some who simply choose to keep going. But as the collective, that is the plan. And it will be the place of love. It will be all of a sudden that the decisions, the actions, the existence, the form is from love; is love, and is from love, and is of love.

So that sense of either/or, of what you traditionally have thought of as yes or no, of duality, of polarity, it is gone. It is the alignment. The entire journey in this third dimensional existence is reaching this place of alignment, of placing yourself beyond the either/or. And when you are doing that in this ascension process, it is like a Roman candle: off you go. …

This is what you will see when you open your eyes. You will see that you are part of that infinite mosaic. The connectedness will be there and the loneliness will be gone. The yearning? It will not be there. Not in the same desperation that we witness in so many. And that is not a criticism. It is that they yearn to be part of One again. They know that that is who they are.  (7)

S: Who is it that awakens, Lord?

AAM: It is the awakened human that acknowledges that they are inter-galactic or galactic; that they are part angelic or archangelic; that they are sheer energy and a spark of life; that they have been the most grievous sinner and the most beatific saint.

It is that integration into the aware human being, and from that place of being able to create Nova Earth, because what we can only refer to as the old human, the human had very dim memory and was not the human that decided to take this leap of faith into Ascension. (8)

S: Who is experiencing through me?

AAM: You, in your consciousness, right now, are realizing that Source, that Mother/Father/God/One, however you are thinking about it, is having the experience of you in all those forms integrated into your body and more specifically your expanded field, because that is truly who you are.

And at the same time you are having an experience of God ― no, not full reunion, but you are experiencing the love and the connection, the joy, the sweetness, the elevation. So you are returning to the original design. (9)

S: I don’t think there is anyone, Lord, that I am aware of who has told us what actually occurs when we ascend. What actually takes place that the word ascension refers to and applies to? What are the events that we would be aware of, or even not aware of, that constitute ascension?

AAM: Well, I could tease you and tell you the key point of ascension is you get a new bank account. [laughter] And it has unlimited funds! But that is not the case. But in a way it is.

S: As in my being a co-creator?

AAM:  That is correct. So, it is the elimination of what you think of in many ways of effort. But let us now — I am going to say it will be the process, or the elongation, the period of time that this process takes can be slightly different for different people. As I have said to you there will be many at the last minute rushing through the door, and that will not be as smooth a journey as someone who has done their preparation adequately. And soulfully.

S: That’s interesting, Lord.  And the work we do in completing our old business and upsets, that makes for a smooth transition? Is that right?

AAM: Yes, it does. Think of it in terms of when a baby, a human baby is birthed, sometimes it is a very easy delivery, sometimes it is 30 hours of labor. Sometimes the mother decides to birth in the fields, sometimes she births in the ocean. Sometimes she goes to a beautiful room, other times she goes to an operating room and has a C-section. But the birthing still occurs. So this is what happens. (10)

S: What do we realize and remember as a result of Ascension?

AAM: A very significant part of the renewal and the Ascension process is about … remembering and re-embracing the fact that you are nothing more than love, and that you have always been connected to the Mother/Father/One, however you conceive of it, whatever your culture or your background or your religious patterning has been. (11)

S: What is the purpose of our work together – lightworkers and the Company of Heaven?

AAM: The purpose of all of our work together — and let me preface what I am saying by saying I am not trying to eliminate faith or hope or belief; but let us proceed from there — the purpose of your Ascension, of your coming into the fullness of your heart consciousness, the purpose of aligning with universal law, with Mother/Father One, is to move you, to awaken you, to shift you, however you conceive of this, from a place of belief to a place of wisdom, of knowing and of simply being, to be in the same assurance that you have when you walk out the door with your eyes wide open, that, although you are not seeing your cheekbones or your nose, that they are there.

So, the entire purpose of what you are all going through — whether you acknowledge it or believe it, doesn’t matter; it is still underway. And you are shifting from a position of, “I believe this; I don’t believe that,” to a simpler place — a place of simple knowing and being. And that is the beauty. That is the gift of letting go of the old Third realm.  (12)

(Continued in Part 3.)


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Archangel Michael on Ascension – Part 1/10


Archangel Michael on Ascension – Part 1/10

Ascension 111








I’d like to continue with our composite interviews, this time looking to Archangel Michael for as full an explanation as possible of what awaits us in Ascension.

Let me say by way of introduction that the Ascension that’s happening on Planet Earth is a first in the multiverse in many ways.

(1) It’s the first mass Ascension anywhere. Previously individual initiates studied at mystery schools and passed initiations before they ascended.

(2) It’s the first physical Ascension.  Always, in past times, it’s been necessary to leave the physical body at death to ascend. In the past Ascension would have meant entry into the second sub plane of the Mental Plane in the afterlife world. (1)  This time all who ascend will do so in and with their physical bodies.

Now we’re entering the Fifth Dimension, which is the equivalent of the Mental Plane, and I’m not even sure if this space has ever existed before or whether it too is new.

(3) It’s the first time that Ascension has involved the creation of a whole new society, which Werner Erhard called a world that works for everyone, with no one left out.  Usually initiates go off and live in caves. But never has an Ascension been simultaneously accompanied with the building of a new world.

(4) Never has an Ascension been accompanied by such a public presence of the Divine Mother. the celestials, the ascended masters, and galactic masters from many other areas of space and other dimensions of existence.

Thus, in so many ways, what’s happening on Earth right now is without precedent. While the main contours of the Plan are assured because what God commands is irresistible, the details may not be.

The biggest change that’s happened in midstream is that the voice of humanity through the collective consciousness asked that as many souls coming as possible be permitted to ascend and that has brought a year and a half’s postponement of the Ascension date. That delay is soon coming to a close.

Ascension, as we’ve discussed on An Hour with an Angel, is both gradual and sudden.  The entire planet is bathing in the Tsunami of Love at present and rising in vibration gradually because the human body could not take the shock of too rapid an increase in energy.

But, when we reach the right vibrational frequency, then what the Divine Mother has called “ignition” and what Sanat Kumara has called “the snap” will occur and the mass of the population will ascend.

Everything up till then will have been gradual but the moment of mass Ascension will be sudden. With that introduction, let me now turn to Archangel Michael for the full discussion.

(Continued in Part 2.)


(1) As much as we might like there to be consistency in naming the various planes and dimensions of life, there never has been; hence my desire to construct New Maps of Heaven. (

Biblical prophets and apostles called the Fifth Dimension “heaven” and more contemporary afterlife reporters called it the “Mental Plane.”  The enlightenment that betokens Ascension is Sahaja Samadhi. We don’t attain that in the afterlife until we reach the second subplane of the Mental Plane.  The Divine Mother recently told us that we won’t attain it in the Fifth Dimension until we’ve made some progress into the Fifth Dimension. What the gatekeepers experience prior to our mass Ascension has been called “Ascension Lite.”

Here is the extract from the interview with the Divine Mother:

Steve Beckow: When does Sahaja Samadhi occur?

Divine Mother: It occurs with a more gradual awakening and lifting up. So there is the abrupt “I am not the same,” then there is the working and the anchoring, the integration, then there is another jump, and another jump, and another jump. And you don’t know it — well, some of you do — but you are leap-frogging. And then you will be there.

SB: Now, are those jumps equivalent to sub-planes?

DM: You can think of it as sub-planes, dimensional sub-planes, yes. (“The Divine Mother: We are Creating a New Species of Humans,” July 12, 2014, at

Fran Zepeda: Love is Everything









Love is Everything, written/channeled by Fran Zepeda, July 13, 2014 at:

“I walk in LOVE,
Touch All with LOVE,
And Breathe LOVE into everything
As LOVE Breathes into me.

Beloveds All,
Beloveds Everything,
I walk in LOVE
And Nothing will ever feel the same.

I Speak with LOVE,
I Hear with LOVE,
I bathe in it
Wherever I go.

I let it Color Everything-
Everything that I Touch,
Everything that I See,
So Nothing feels the same.

‘Tis a filter through which I See
And Feel Everything;
I AM All, I AM Everything;
Nothing is Untouched.

LOVE Flows through me,
LOVE Flows AS Me;
And Nothing will ever be the same.

The sweet Refrain
That is My Life-Song Now
Exudes a Lilting LOVE Melody
Wherever I go.

LOVE is Life.
Life is LOVE;
I Know that Now,
So Nothing will ever be the same.”

As these words/feelings/knowings flowed out of me, I realize also that Perspective is everything, as is absorption ~ allowing LOVE to penetrate everything.

And I know now that it is also important to hold my dreams Alive within me and BE them, as Goddess Lakshmi recently transmitted to me in her message,”Prosperity Flows“. I aim to live her words, as well as that of Yeshua, Mother Mary, Lady Nada, Archangel Zadkiel, my Higher Self, Mary Magdalene, and all the Beings within me and around me.

Everything is easy when I am gentle and easy with myself, allowing myself to feel, notice and experience all Beauty around and within me.

I feel Lakshmi’s presence still, I still see her, as well as all the other Beings I connect with. And like when Yeshua, Mother Mary, Pallas Athena, Lady Nada, and others first came to me, I never knew who she was, testimony to the fact that help comes when we need it.

I constantly have a need and urging to see the Light, to BE Me, to know the Divine within. LOVE wells up within me, and I touch it again and again.

Worry and judgment and feelings of lack bring me out of the LOVE and Light, and so I go back into LOVE and Light, Acceptance and Abundance with fervor and touch it again ~ the Love, the Wholeness, the connection with Source and my guides and my Higher Self.

….Where everything is colored differently now.

“I flow through Life
As it flows through me;
I flow through LOVE
As it flows through me;
I AM Everything,
Everything is Me,
And so it is…”

I know now that with this perspective, my 3D Life and my 5D/6D life becomes seamless….

With Love,



©2014 Fran Zepeda. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is posted in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this notice and links are

You Are a Spiritual Healer by Doreen Virtue


You Are a Spiritual Healer

Doreen Virtue
a message from Doreen Virtue
Wednesday, 27 January, 2010

Your dream of developing a spiritually based career is much more than a mere dream or idle wishing. It’s a clear sign of your destiny and your soul’s leanings.

Everyone is a healer in truth, because we’re made in the image and likeness of God, who is THE healer. And yet those who are called to do healing work full-time are those who are healers as a Divine life purpose.

Take a moment to recall your healing experiences. In what ways have you healed yourself and others (including pets)? As you remember these experiences, give yourself credit for stepping up and being the conduit of divine healing energy. This isn’t ego-accolades, it’s accepting positive responsibility for taking divinely guided actions. This is healthy!

If everyone would follow their truth path, we’d see such a happy planet. So much needless anxiety comes from working at a meaningless job just for a paycheck. When you develop a meaningful career, in contrast, your whole life takes shape.

You’ve been a spiritual teacher and healer for many lifetimes. You’ve certainly been one throughout this lifetime, including as a child (just think back and you’ll recall instances which revealed your talents and interests).

Hold that clear identity for yourself, and your actions will naturally follow. Daily investments of five minutes or more of action dedicated to your dream will open the doorways to your new life and future. It’s here waiting for you now!

What’s the first step to take? You’ve already done that by dreaming about your ideal career. Now, let’s turn that into reality by listening — really listening – to the answer your Higher Self gives you when you ask the question, “What changes would you like to see me make in my life right now?”

Trust and follow the answer that you get, one step at a time, upon the path of your life purpose.

Many people call my radio show on to ask how to transition from dreaming about being a healer, to actually making a living as a healer.

The answer upon your temperament with respect to self-employment. You’ve got to be self-directed to be your own boss. If this isn’t your strong point, then consider starting off part-time in the healing field. You definitely don’t want to begin a healing practice with a need for money, because any desperation will scare off potential clients.

Another option is to work for a healing center, so that you have a guaranteed income or at least have a steady influx of client referrals from the center.

If you want to be a healer, the best guidance is to: do healing work. Do healings every day. You can start off performing healings for yourself, friends, family, and pets to help you gain experience and confidence. Ask the people whom you work on to give you testimonials, if possible.

The divination between practicing your healing art and making the leap to professionalism begins with you. You must make the clear decision – completely – that you will now be paid for your healing work. Sure, you’ll give occasionally freebies as you’re guided. But you now expect and so you manifest payment for your healing work. And so it is!

Spend time journaling and meditating upon this intention. You’ll need to reframe any guilt (probably from former lifetimes) about charging money for spiritual work. Otherwise, you’ll push business away or engage in unconscious self-sabotage.

Remember: as you allow yourself to be paid for your work, you’re able to spend more time conducting that work. Your payments allow you to leave a meaningless job so that you can create a meaningful career bringing healing blessings to others. Think of it this way: when you allow yourself to receive, you have more available to give to others.

To find an outlet for healing, pray daily for opportunities to help and heal others. I love the Prayer of Saint Francis: “Lord, make me an instrument of thy peace.” Then notice people who enter your life . . . they may have been heaven-sent to help you with your healing practice. Notice also divine guidance to take action.

Your dream of having a full-time career as a spiritual teacher or healer is much more than a dream. It’s a sign. If you continuously imagine yourself having a meaningful career that supports you and your family financially, emotionally, and spiritually, then this is a sign that your life purpose involves spiritually based work.

And yet it’s not enough to dream. Action is required. However it isn’t that simple, is it? Otherwise, you’d already be on your way.

Lightworkers are, by definition and their very nature, sensitive. They’re sensitive to the energies in any room they walk into. They’re sensitive to other people’s moods and feelings. They’re sensitive to environmental factors such as chemicals, pollution, or noise. They’re sensitive to the presence of angels.

This sensitivity is both a gift and a life-saving instinct. You see, your overall personality remains fairly constant throughout lifetimes. Once a lightworker, always a lightworker. You’ve been a spiritual teacher or healer many, many times before in other lives. You’ve been a priestess, temple-keeper, monk, nun, alchemist, sorceress, seer, scribe, astronomer, or another form of esoteric healer and teacher (or maybe all of the above!).

So it’s your soul’s natural desire and destiny to express your healing qualities again in this present lifetime. With each situation that arises in your spiritual healing practice, you’ll be guided and supported. Stay in the present moment, do your best to listen to and follow your intuition, and give any worries about tomorrow to God.

If you dream of working full-time as a spiritual healer, teacher, or speaker, this essential guide will walk you through the steps to gaining confidence and the knowledge necessary to support yourself in your chosen field. Doreen will help you overcome fears and insecurities, and take specific steps that will help you to start and grow your meaningful profession. You’ll learn how to decide what type of healing or teaching work to focus on, how to overcome nervousness, giving speeches, making your private practice known to others, and how to open the divine flow of abundance.

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