“My Beloved Angels, Why do You not Choose to Nurture Yourself?” Asks Mother Mary


“My Beloved Angels, Why do You not Choose to Nurture Yourself?” Asks Mother Mary

Mother Mary








Channeled by Linda Dillon, Counciloflove.com, August 17, 2014

A poignant question on our Saturday conference call. The Mother’s suggestion is “…you must tend to yourself so you can tend to each other. That is the paradigm, that is the essence of Love. I beg you to do this…”

Greetings, I am Mary, I am ‘Mare’ [the Ocean], Universal Mother, Mother of Love and Mother of nurturing, Mother of change and Mother of constancy, Mother of all, Mother of One.

Welcome, my beloved daughters and sons, and, yes, my beloved sons, do not think that this issue of nurturing does not apply to thee, if anything it applies to even more for you carry the Divine Masculine. And so often in the world that you inhabit, in the society that you inhabit, you are made to think and you have bought into the paradigm that you are supposed to be strong and self-sufficient and independent.

All of that is of the truth, but that does not negate the need for nurturing. The universal theme for each and every one of you, male, female, ancient, adult, child, and everyone in-between is sacred union and partnership and that means nurturing.

And how do you nurture? How do you enter into the nurturing of partnership…male to female, female to female, sister to sister, brother to brother, mother to child, child to adult if you cannot nurture yourself? How do you heal the wounded warrior, the innocent child, the wounded woman if you cannot nurture your sacred self?

I wish to nurture you; I always have and I always will. And I do so daily and I do so as the Tsunami of Love once again increases in frequency, vibration, and strength. And dear heart, what does this mean?

What it means, my beloved ones, is that the energy gains strength. And what does this mean? Issues of the ancient variety, yes, wash away and the grace anchors more deeply within. But it also means the care and nurturing of your divine self, your human self, your emotional self, your mental self, your sweetest personality, is absolutely critical.

Your core issue is front and center and many of you are depressed, frightened, a little shaky, uneasy, and you are also uneasy because you are dealing and helping to clear global issues because you have already declared yourself as global citizens. You are not citizens of Africa, of Somalia, of Egypt, of Israel, of Canada, of the United States, of the Netherlands or France; you are global citizens, you are in fact intergalactic citizens.

But you must tend to yourself so you can tend to each other. That is the paradigm, that is the essence of Love. I beg you to do this and I guide you to do this, not merely in the spiritual realm, which is absolutely necessary as well, but in the physical and mental and emotional realms, the inter-dimensional realms. Where are you most comfortable?

Please come and sit with me in the 7th, the 8th, the 9th, the 10th, come and sit with me in my arms. But do, not only what you can, but what will give you joy, giggles, pleasure, and what you can share.

So yes, it is what the channel Linda, my beloved daughter, has said. It is from the most simple so I do not wish to hear from you that you can’t afford it. It is from placing a slice of cucumber upon your eyes to soothe your weary eyes so that you put circles of cucumbers and you feel the freshness of the green, the Love on your eyes, that you put a mask on your face, that you put a beautiful cream on your hands, that you put a bright pink or a bright blue on your fingernails, that you rub a delicious cream on your feet, that you rub each other’s hands, that you coddle yourself, that you buy a 99 cent packet of bubble baths, that you luxuriate, that you buy a single flower and you stare at it and you play your favorite piece of music, that you find an old channeling that lights up your heart, that you read an old Love letter, that you look at a picture and remember how happy you were, that you talk on the phone or Skype with an old friend, that you make a list of ten things that make you happy, that you make another list of three things that will make you happy and then you do them. The list of how to nurture yourself is endless and the choice is truly the issue.

This is the crux of what I wish to speak to you of this day. My beloved angels, why, why do you not choose to nurture yourself? Because you do not think and feel that you are worthy, that you do not think and feel that you are worthy of half an hour, of 20 minutes. Nothing could be further than the truth.

Give this gift to your sweet self, give this gift to yourself in my name.

So long ago, often I was surrounded and, yes, at moments completely bogged down by responsibility, responsibility that I welcomed and enjoyed, seven children, an extended family, a community that I cherished.

But dear hearts, there were moments when I was exhausted. I would make myself a cup of tea. There was a spot at the edge of the village at the end of the day where the light was golden and the silence of the day was perfect, where I would retreat to and simply sit and sip my fragrant tea and do nothing and simply receive the blessing of the light; not counting my blessings, not praying, not asking, simply being and nurturing myself knowing that I was Love and that I was loved.

This is what I ask of thee. This is what is required as you transmute the entire planet and prepare for Nova Earth, as you transmute your key motivator and accept the wonder of who you are.

I Love you, dear hearts. My nurturing is a given. I request you to follow my example and cherish your sweet self. And then climb back up on the wave and lead the way. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon 08-16-14

© 2014 Council of Love


Saul: The Old Order Is Failing, Collapsing, Disintegrating


Saul: The Old Order Is Failing, Collapsing, Disintegrating, channeled by John Smallman, August 19, 2014 at: http://johnsmallman.wordpress.com.

John’s reading of this message can be found HERE.

Humanity’s awakening has been divinely promised and is at hand. Nothing can prevent it because not only is it God’s Will, which is always achieved, but it is now also humanity’s collective will, and because you were given free will your will is always honored.

Until quite recently individual wills, divided and confused as they were, had made humanity’s collective will very difficult to discern.

It was collectively unstable, changeable, confused, conflicted, and chaotic, but now it is coming beautifully into alignment and is determinedly seeking world peace, person by person. Although, if you pay too much attention to the gloom and doom on the news media, you might well believe that nothing much has altered, and that humanity’s endless dance with conflict and betrayal continues unabated.

However, over the last several decades, with the vast increase in educational opportunities for large sections of humanity, much scientific study and research has been focused on meditation and on the effects it has on those who practice it. That research shows that it is hugely beneficial to those who engage with it, and that when large numbers meditate as a group the effects are felt all around the world, and fear and anxiety decrease exponentially.

Consequently those who are spiritually gifted and guided among you have been spreading the word about its benefits and willingly teaching a variety of methods that assist people to access their deep inner space where peace is always to be found.

This why all those from the spiritual realms, who speak to you through your human channels, keep stressing to you the importance of daily meditation. There has been an enormous increase over the last ten or fifteen years in the numbers of people across the world engaging daily in meditation. The effects of that turn inwards, towards spirit (meditation always leads to spirit, even if the meditator does not acknowledge it, and the peace found there is spiritual) are clearly visible in the worldwide growth in movements for peaceful change. Awareness has grown that life as it has been lived for eons on Earth, conflict after conflict with intensely self-centered agendas set by those who plan and commit to them, has to cease or you will destroy yourselves and cause horrendous damage to the planet.

So we continue to remind you to meditate. Your meditation, as you have been told, has an enormous effect on the human collective causing an agitation in consciousness that leads even more to meditate. The vast numbers meditating regularly are bringing about the changes that you have been hoping and praying for for a very long time. Allow yourselves to believe the good news that your intuition brings to you when you allow and encourage your egoic minds to take a break from flooding you with disturbing distractions.

When you contact your intuition, your higher Self, your favorite ascended Master, Archangel, the Holy Mother, or the Holy Spirit what you “hear,” “sense,” “feel,” or even “see” is always wisdom of the highest order, wisdom that you can trust and depend upon. Within the spiritual realms all are aware of and engaged with their Oneness in a cooperative and harmonious outpouring of Love to heal you all, but can and do still respond to you individually as the One you choose to address or call on. The advice that you receive is always wise and loving, it never judges, blames, or condemns, and that is how you can be sure that it is truthful guidance that will assist you in the moment as you ask.

Keep on asking because you do need our support, and by asking for it you open yourselves to receive it. As we keep telling you: All are One. Therefore what you do as One, by asking for and accepting assistance from us, is to follow your chosen spiritual path, and that changes the world. There are always, in every moment, many of you calling on us, and those calls are all constantly amalgamating into a most powerful request for assistance to which we are constantly and lovingly responding. However, when you allow yourselves to be overwhelmed by the fears and worries of the illusion you drift off your path, your spiritual energy field then weakens and you become far less effective in the work that you incarnated to do, because you are effectively buying back into the illusion of separation.

This is not a judgment, it is just an observation, we do fully understand how difficult it is for you to maintain your focus in a world where conflict, competition, and disingenuous agendas appear to be the normal and necessary modes of behavior in order to survive. You do get dragged down, your spiritual energy field does weaken, and it seems that you are alone and abandoned in a very unsafe and threatening environment. And when you ask us for help it maybe seems to you that you have not been heard or that we have not responded to your call.

The energy field of the illusion, the busy workaday world in which you have to operate, is very loud! Consequently, unless you make a very determined effort to go within, to your quiet and holy inner sanctuary, it is extremely difficult for you hear us, sense us, or intuit our presence and guidance. In fact it may well appear that the raucous noise of the world’s energy field has recently become even louder and more insistent that you attend to it, making it more difficult for you to access that place of inner peace and calm.

The old order is failing, collapsing, disintegrating, and in its final moments it is desperately clinging to its last vestiges of power and influence, so it does appear to be louder, noisier, and more overwhelming in its assault on your senses. Remind yourselves frequently that it is in its last moments, that its grip on the engines of power is slipping, and that the noise that it is making is the sound of grinding and splintering gears that are broken and seizing as the fear and worries of humanity, that were its lubricating agent, are withdrawn.

Love is smoothing and calming the hearts of humanity all across the world as it flows relentlessly but gently into every nook and cranny, into every dark corner that would resist its warm and healing embrace, and even in the darkest of places Its powers of persuasion are proving irresistible. Love’s endless willingness to hold all, without exception or conditions, to Its soft and tender bosom in a refreshing and reassuring hug that confirms unconditional acceptance of even those who feel the least worthy of entering into Its presence is bringing you all Home to Reality. It is waking you up into the glorious brilliance of God’s utterly entrancing and unending day.

With so very much love, Saul.

Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation Update


Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation Update, as received by Sheldan Nidle, August 19, 2014 – http://paoweb.com/sn081914.htm

9 Cimi, 4 Uo, 11 Ik

Selamat Jarin! We arrive with more to tell you! Your planet has been the site of a vast final contest between the dark and the Light. The various ancient families are united in their determination to bring an end to the long rule of the dark cabal.

The present segment of this rule began with fire and ice, which marked the end of the last Golden Age and the start of the present recorded era of your history.The Anunnaki were determined to at last fully control their human subjects.

Thus, those who became their minions were faced with the need to cruelly control you. This need produced the odd histories that are the last six thousand years of this rule. The dark has been unable to completely fulfill their own requirements, which included the formal end to your liberties and the illicit preparations of a means to prevent your future return to full consciousness. It is this disregard for Heaven’s decrees which has sparked the present quiet revolution, now ready to confidently deliver you from darkness. Those who so fervently believe in the Light’s cause can be assured of inevitable success! The final stages of this revolution are now underway.

The dark is now shrinking as its once insurmountable power fades. Your former rulers used to firmly believe in their omnipotence. Their confidence is at an end. Massive arrests are to sweep them from power and permit the Light to put new governance in place. This new governance is tied to a rising prosperity, which is to quickly become a permanent fixture of this transitional realm.

Awash in prosperity and new governance, you are to daily encounter a plethora of new technologies. Once disclosure occurs, these new technologies are to be combined with our own. A new climate of Love and Light is to prepare the pathway for the introduction of your personal mentor. This mentor has been one who has learned your proclivities and is prepared to push you forward to the point where you are ready for full consciousness.

Aiding in these matters is to be the beautiful and significant lessons of your Ascended Masters. These lessons are to set the stage for all that is to come. You are to learn about your true history and what the Atlanteans did to you.

The plunge into limited consciousness introduced you to the horrors of fear, limitedness and even death. The Anunnaki used these things and their minions to move you into a state of complete servitude. This, they nearly accomplished. You are former physical Angels who learned much while in this state of dread. You are to use this wisdom to further the edicts of the Light.

You truly know all about limited consciousness. You understand how it works and how an entire population, regardless of size, can be manipulated by those who have succumbed to the dark. We are very proud of you for what you have done.

All the suffering, the diseases, the lack and even those things, which have driven you to harm your fellows under the guise of religion or even those moments of war. You have experienced the best of times and the worst of times. Because of that, you all possess a vast inner “book” filled with those circumstances and the major events that surround them.

This wisdom is something that only nearly 13 millennia of ups and downs and repeated near extinctions by your “gods” could have given you. That part of your history is over. With your mentors, take inventory of how this has affected you. Make yourself ready for full consciousness. You have within you and your Akashic records lessons that you can use to teach many of this galaxy who dearly wish to become eligible for full consciousness.

At present, this process is starting throughout this galaxy. Your histories possess vital lessons that you can teach. We are most understanding of the immensities you have had to pass through lifetime after lifetime. These horrors are markers to those who you are shortly to meet and then teach.

Each of you is then to mentor entire star nations so that they can move to the threshold of full consciousness. In doing this, you are to ensure a galactic peace and permit this galaxy to move into the Light! This is to allow Heaven to then unfold the next events of physical Creation in this sector of physicality!

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! We arise before you with much good news! The march toward prosperity quickens its pace! Much is now happening which promises you a bright future. The governance that rules this realm is ready to give up. The Americans are preparing for NESARA. The rest of this globe is readying for what can be called GESARA.

In any case, we bless these developments and know that it means our lessons are that much closer to manifesting. As you prepare yourself for freedom, be ready to bless and acknowledge those unsung heroes who have made all of this possible. There are those in government, the legal system and especially in finance who have worked diligently to manifest what you are to enjoy.

Show mercy and be in grace every moment of your coming days. It is only due to the sacred dispensations of Heaven that these amazing events are at hand. We are grateful and filled with blessings for each and every one of you!

The grand blessings of freedom and prosperity are gifts meant to prepare you for full consciousness. At an appropriate moment we need to teach you many things about what is ahead for you. In denying death, you are to ascend and become one with us in divine service. Long ago, at an equally appropriate moment, each of us partook of a special ceremony, which enabled us to ascend.

Then, we each had a sort of “boot camp” to go through. This taught us much about humanity and how best to guide and serve you. All of this is to be accomplished shortly by the works of our space family. In Inner Earth, you are to be given a specially prepared three-day ceremony, followed by a 10-day training in full consciousness etiquette. Then you are ready to join your Agarthan family and us in transforming this solar system. You are to meet those who are non-corporeal and who inhabit Venus and Mars.

Think upon these times as the end to what for many of you was a period of long frustrations and unfulfilled dreams. Moments will arrive where you can at last enjoy what you have been promised. We ask that you use part of your time to bless and thank your family on Earth and in Heaven. Begin each day in this mode.

You are actually here to be a divine part of what Heaven decrees daily for physicality. Be one in your freedom and wisely use your prosperity to better humanity and all life upon this wondrous orb. We Ascended Masters have long interceded on your behalf.

We knew how this magnificent adventure was destined to turn out. We are ready to assist you in carrying out the grand deeds Heaven has so graciously given us. Together, we are to forge a new star nation, bring peace to this galaxy and aid in expanding the Light to even greater parts of physicality! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Today, we have given you great news! Numerous amazing things are coming to fruition! Be in Joy, be prepared, and most of all, be thankful for the events that are manifesting freedom, prosperity and new governance for all! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours!

So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Calibrating To The Ascension Frequency – Highlights from Last Month’s Webinar Part 1, by Suzanne Lie


Calibrating To The Ascension Frequency – Highlights from Last Month’s Webinar Part 1, by Suzanne Lie

HigherMessage copy 2








Calibrating To The Ascension Frequency – Highlights from Last Month’s Webinar Part 1, by Suzanne Lie. August 12, 2014. http://suzanneliephd.blogspot.co.uk/

Reaction vs. Response

Calibrating to “Ascension frequency” primarily means to calibrate our consciousness to the higher frequencies of Light that constantly surround us and enter our bodies with every breath. These higher frequencies of Light resonate to the frequency of Ascension, which is the fifth dimension and beyond. As we calibrate our consciousness to the higher dimensional Light we begin to become consciously aware of our thoughts and emotions.

This calibration is not an easy task. It’s not very difficult to be conscious when we are having a really good time, when we are meditation, laughing with a friend or having something loving and joyful happening. Then we want to be conscious. Happiness automatically draws us to be conscious of our interactions with life.

On the other hand, when we’re hit with a challenge that ignites a fearful emotional trigger, especially something in our unconscious, then we react to rather than unite with our environment. Worse yet, we engage in the negativity of the third dimension rather than live in the glory of the fifth-dimensional Ascension frequency.

When we’re in the third-dimensional frequencies we focus on action and reaction. If we are going to expand our consciousness into the Ascension frequency, which will automatically change our reality, we must put out a specific intention to be conscious of the thoughts and emotions that fill our body and our aura.

When we are conscious, we can catch our Self when we react rather than respond. A reaction is usually unconscious and often based on fear. On the other hand, a response is based on conscious awareness of our inner and outer worlds. When we are conscious in this fashion, we can observe how our state of consciousness determines the reality we are living.

Reaction is something that is a third-dimension action, and it puts us into a more unconscious state. Responding is a fifth-dimensional action as it reminds us that we have a choice about the world that we create with our own thoughts and emotions.

What we want to do is to respond to the resonance of the situation rather than react to it. We master our ability to respond rather than react by taking a breath to feel our emotions in our body while we listen to our thoughts.

We are used to, especially in the West, leading with our brains, leading with our minds. We forget to engage the emotions of our body. It is important that we engage the body because our bodies resonate to our world. Our body also influences our fourth-dimensional aura, which is our passageway into the fifth dimension.

When we consciously feel the resonance of our bodies and move into a fearful third-dimensional situation, it feels like hitting a brick wall. We know we do not want to hit a brick wall, so with this important information, we can choose to “refuse to participate in that reality.” However if our third-dimensional reality feels good to our body/aura, we can choose to engage in that version of reality.

I am an avid gardener, and my yard is better this year than ever. We’ve lived in this house for seven years and part of it is the time of things maturing and part of it is the energy field. I was meditating in my yard the other day, and when I looked around in my higher state of consciousness, everything looked and felt different. The trees had a different resonance and the grass had a glow.

Suddenly I realized this is just like New Earth. This was the Ascension frequency in action. Then the moment that I labeled it with my 3D mind that vision went away. However, I had that moment of perceiving that higher frequency. I think these types of shift are what will be happening more and more often for more and more people.

What that tells us is that the Ascension frequency is all around us. We just need to tap into it and let it expand. We “tap into it” with our Multidimensional consciousness, and we will drop out of it when our consciousness lowers. We can only perceive a reality that is the same frequency as our state of consciousness.


Today we are talking about the Elementals. And part of the reason that I wanted to talk about the Elementals is that in writing my Pleiadian Perspective books and coming to the end of the whole series, the hero and heroine begin their process of transmuting into Lightbody by tuning into the Elementals.

The third dimensional elements of earth, air, fire and water have fifth dimensional Elementals of earth/Gnomes, air/Sylphs, fire/Salamander and water/Undines. We can see the earth, the air, a fire, and we see water. When we merge our consciousness with our fourth-dimensional aura we can vaguely perceive the Elementals. However, Elementals are primarily fifth dimensional. Hence we can only perceive them via our fifth-dimensional Lightbody.

The Elementals are like our physical body, which is composed of the same earth, air, fire and water as Earth. In this manner, we are ONE with our planet Earth as we are composed of the same elements. Earth is our physical body, Air is the oxygen inside our bodies, Fire is our neurons firing and we are born with 77% of our body as liquid (water). That amount of water diminishes as we age, except when a woman is pregnant.

It is through our Elementals that we can deeply bond with Gaia because Her Elementals are everywhere in our environment. Earth’s Elementals are fifth dimensional, so they are not bound by time and space. In the same manner, the Elementals in our bodies are NOT bound by time and space. The most immediate way that we interact with these Elementals is through our breath.

When we breathe in the higher fifth-dimensional Elementals we’re going to think of things that we’ve never thought of before. We are able to balance our emotions more than we’ve ever done before. We are able to find energy and health in our bodies that we’ve never had before, and our Kundalini becomes more activated than ever.

Arcturian Message

For this message from the Arcturians, see separate posting in Golden Age of Gaia at: http://tinyurl.com/om6ynuw

Arcturians via Anna Merkaba: The Phase of Telekinesis – Earth Anchored Into Another Dimension; Your ‘Super Human Powers’ Exposed


Arcturians via Anna Merkaba: The Phase of Telekinesis – Earth Anchored Into Another Dimension; Your ‘Super Human Powers’ Exposed









Link to the video for this channeling: Watch Here

Arcturians: The Phase of Telekinesis – Earth Anchored Into Another Dimension – Your ‘Super Human Powers’ Exposed, channeled by Anna Merkaba, August 14, 2014, at http://sacredascensionmerkaba.wordpress.com

The recalibration of the heart’s codices has been completed. A new reality has been instituted into the present incarnation of human beings on Gaia.

A new reality has woven itself into the matrix of human earth. A new phase of restructuring has begun—a new phase of comprehending the subtle energies.

A new phase of telekinesis has been ingrained into Gaia. Through the illusion of the veil of forgetfulness, the encodings have been seeped into the reality structure of being, allowing varying degrees of ‘super human powers’ to emerge from within the depths of your hearts. The knowledge of ‘doing’ has always been present in your subconscious and in the subatomic principles of your vehicles.

By allowing the newly-formed energies to fully bathe you in eternal understanding of informational decrees, you shall be able to blossom into your true identities, withstanding all that may come, and much will.

For as your new-found abilities are revealed to you, and as you become comfortable with the new understanding of the self, much shall shift—not only within your own understanding and your own consciousness, but [within that] of the entire human populace.

When such a shift occurs within your vessel and within the vessels of those dwelling therein, you shall discover a mirage of the ‘reality’ of the past, and a grounding of new principles by which humanity shall move into the next phase of this experiment.

The understanding of the operation of the human vehicle shall begin to emerge readily and fully into your realities. The scientific principles on your present earthly planes shall begin to catch up to the true potential of your vehicles.

[You have held] the inert abilities of the heart scared until [the time came] that the formula of life [would] unfold before you.

Through the structural grids of you present reality, you have been able to achieve that which has not been possible in any other dimension, in any other universe, or in any other timeline.

Through the efforts that you have put forth, and through the efforts that you have allowed to manifest into your reality, all of you have made it possible to build a bridge into another reality—not only to build the bridge, but to activate the portals—the corridors of time. As such, the recalibration of time has begun in full force.

Let it be known that you shall never experience time as you have in the past. The time that you are experiencing will be filled with gaps. Blocks of time shall disappear from your existence as previous historical events are purified, utilizing your own energies and the energies of the cosmic gateways.

Time as you understand it shall cease to exist within your vehicle. Hence many of you [will experience] varying degrees of feelings [such as] emptiness, abandonment, and loss. For indeed it is so that you are losing your present understanding of reality.

You have fully entered into another dimension. Another dimension of planet earth has been anchored. And so, within this other dimension, time as you understand it will flow differently from now on.

Your internal clock is being reset in order to accommodate your vehicle to a new time structure. For some of you, [some] days may seem shorter and others longer. Time lapses, memory lapses and experience lapses are all a normal part of the transition, the transformation that your body is currently undergoing.

The subtle energies that were present with you always are revealing themselves and letting themselves be known ever more strongly.

[They are] letting themselves materialize in your vicinity and in your vision—not only through your third eye—they are [also] taking shape and form. It should come as no surprise that you are beginning to see objects manifest out of thin air and then to seemingly disappear; light flashes, energy spheres, shadows.

Some of you are experiencing audio signals coming from without. Some of you are hearing echoes. Some of you are hearing voices and information that is being directly spoken into your audio receptors. [These are arriving] not through your third eye and not through your pineal gland, but through your physical human ears.

Your vibrations [will] rise further still, as your vibratory senses are activated. [The raising of vibrations will allow] this informational decree to flow your way through the ordinary means of communication. You have indeed entered a new dimension!

And so communication is changing in your world. Communication shall take on a new form, as it has already done in the years past. The future that your human earth is nearing will allow new codices [that will] allow new technologies to quickly spur into existence.

Such new technologies will allow various computer-generated devices to interact with our world. Such technology will take the place of the channelers that you now see before you.

For through the technology, your scientists will be able to connect directly to the Akasha, directly to the source, and to receive and extract the information that they are looking for in holographic formations.

All of you shall, and already do, have access to the Akasha, for all of you have a direct link to the books of life of your own creation. All of you already have a link to and understanding of such informational decrees. Nevertheless the technology of which we speak shall make it easier for you to utilize such information.

As the polarities of your known world become nonexistent and as the distance between yourselves becomes nonexistent, you shall begin to feel the energies. [You will feel] the presence of various beings, [including] those you know to live in the physical reality, not currently residing near you. For you will be able to understand, feel and sense their presence as if they are standing beside you, for in truth they are!

And so a new reality matrix is being birthed through your vehicles of time and space, through your psyche, and through the lay lines of your very own bodies. We ask you to simply allow things to unfold as they are. Welcome the new reality into your lives, for this change shall bring you ever closer to the true understanding of your being.

Anna Merkaba – Energy Healer – Channeler – Lightworker – Author. For more channeled messages to help you on your journey to self discovery visit: Sacred Ascension – Key of Life – Discover Your True Self Through the Vibrational Messages From Behind the Veil – http://sacredascensionmerkaba.wordpress.com

Jesus via John Smallman: No One is Ever on Earth as a Human by Chance, Coincidence, or Accident.


Jesus via John Smallman: No One is Ever on Earth as a Human by Chance, Coincidence, or Accident.

Jesus posting







Jesus: No One is Ever on Earth as a Human by Chance, Coincidence, or Accident. Channelled by John Smallman, August 10, 2014. http://wp.me/p1B8dY-jF.

There is a very intense energy field enveloping Earth at present as those in the spiritual realms boost the power of the Tsunami of Love to unprecedented levels.

There is an enormous energy push going on as the move into full consciousness gathers momentum and many of you are feeling tired, worn out, and exhausted as a result of this; it is tough on your bodies.

Although it does not feel very comfortable it is having an extremely positive effect all across the globe, especially as it combines with the energies of those meditating and intending to embrace and share the Tsunami of Love as they pray and intend for peace on Earth.

You all incarnated to be a part of humanity’s awakening process, and that process is now at a very critical and important phase. What each one of you is doing is absolutely vital to the process, even though you maybe almost completely unaware of what it is you are doing.

The fact of your just choosing to be incarnate on Earth at this time, your quiet presence without any obvious – to you, or to anyone else – personal spiritual agenda is in itself an enormously powerful force that is assisting in bringing the awakening process to fulfillment.

No one is ever on Earth as a human by chance, coincidence, or accident. No one is saying “Oops, what on Earth am I doing here?” – that thought may have occurred, but it will have been dismissed because of that deep inner knowing that you are definitely here with a divine purpose.

Even though it seems that vast numbers of millions, even billions of humans have absolutely no idea what life on Earth is about, every single one presently on Earth absolutely did make the truly inspired choice to be here now.

The fact that they have forgotten making that choice does not negate it, and that is why it is essential for those of you who do have a slight awareness of the divine purpose that is being fulfilled on Earth in this and every now moment must absolutely refrain from judging or condemning anyone. Everyone has a role in the awakening process, even if that role is to remain asleep!

One of the major difficulties for those of you who are spiritually inclined, spiritually motivated, or somewhat spiritually aware is that for the most part you cannot access your memories of the intentions that you set for yourselves before you arrived on Earth as humans.

You know that life has a meaning, a very important meaning, and so you go searching for it – studying religious texts, studying other religions, studying other cultures, studying shamanic rituals, seeking guidance from someone who appears more spiritually conscious and “holy” than yourself – but, as many of you now understand, that meaning can only be found by yourselves within yourselves. It is your inextinguishable inner Light, hidden under the veil of the illusion, and that veil is slipping!

Seeking for life’s meaning can definitely help you, because it will bring to your awareness the ineluctable truth that what you seek is within you. Frequently, however, that is a very hard truth to accept because most of you have been inculcated with a powerful sense of unworthiness – others maybe worthy, but I am not!

Eventually your persistence pays off, because your spiritual intent along with the intent you made before incarnating leads you to an awareness that you are indeed a spiritual being having a temporary human experience, and that you are eternally one with God, the Source, the divine field of existence from which you have never been separated.

You become aware that God does Love you eternally and unconditionally, even though you do not feel it fully, you just know that this must be so because you realize that God, the Supreme Intelligence, is unconditional Love. When this awareness arrives, quite suddenly or by slowly seeping into your consciousness, it is indeed most comforting and brings with it a lasting sense of peace.

When doubts arise, as they surely do for everyone, go within, to your quiet and holy inner sanctuary, and intentionally and determinedly ask your spiritual friends, guides, mentors, angels, me, in fact anyone here in the spiritual realms whom you feel at home with and comfortable addressing, for a powerful and loving hug or squeeze, and allow yourself to feel it, because it will be given instantly.

You are not alone, abandoned, or forgotten, ever. You are constantly held in full awareness by all in the spiritual realms, where you are greatly honored for the enormous and demanding task that you have undertaken so willingly and enthusiastically.

In this period of great stress on Earth, with new and frightening dramas unfolding daily, just know that the Divine Plan is unfolding perfectly. What you experience, physically or emotionally, is a major aspect of the ongoing clearing process that is leading you all to your awakening, which is inevitable because it is divinely assured.

Hang in there! You are doing an extraordinary job of immense importance which you cannot fail to complete with outstanding success.

Your loving brother, Jesus.